Favourite Quotes from Pamuk’s New Life

Some Quotes from Orhan Pamuk’s The New Life 

pamuk new lifeThe New Life by Orhan Pamuk 
Published by Faber & Faber
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“The glow of the new life I felt inside existed in a faraway place, even in a land that was unattainable, but I sensed that as long as I was in motion, I was getting closer. I could at least leave my old life behind me” (11).

“For a moment I sensed that if any old object from my old world were to be discovered and scrutinized now, from my new viewpoint enlightened by the book, it could be transformed into that magical piece children are always looking for” (11).

“The last page said “The End” just like in the movies and, reading those six letters, not only did I come to an exit point of the country where I’d wanted to remain, I was once again painfully aware that the magic realm was just a place made up by Uncle Railman Rıfkı” (12).

“The clatter of cups, spoons, and the teakettle, the noise of the citrus truck in the street were telling me to trust in the normal flow of life, but I wasn’t deceived. When I stepped outside, I was so sure the world had been utterly transformed that I was not embarrassed to be wearing my dead father’s worn and cumbersome overcoat” (16-17).  Continue reading