Good News Vol.2 :)

Good News Vol.2 🙂

It has been only couple of days since I shared the news with you regarding the offer of publication I received. Today, this great news is followed by yet another one. I passed level N3 (intermediate) in Japanese proficiency exam. It is just intermediate level, but I still feel like it is a great achievement for me as Japanese is the most challenging language I have ever studied and it has mostly been through self-study. I am so happy that I could not help sharing it with you! 🙂 Now, I am really motivated to progress with this language further. N2, bring it on! 😛


Strange Weather in Tokyo Review

strange weatherStrange Weather in Tokyo by Hiromi Kawakami

Published by Portobello Books

Format: Paperback

Source: Publisher

This very short novel is the very first literary writing I have read from Hiromi Kawakami. Therefore, I am not entirely familiar with her style, but I could not help reading this very short piece like a bookworm whenever little time I had, which means I read it mostly on the trains while commuting to the university. Okay, let’s get down to the story!

The entire story revolves around two characters, Tsukiko and Sensei. As soon as I saw the name, sensei, it immediately reminded me of Soseki’s Kokoro. However, unlike Soseki’s story, Kawakami tells a romantic story of two lonely people. Tsukiko meets Sensei so many years after her graduation one day at a bar and then the story begins… First, she cannot recognize her teacher at all. It is Sensei, who first approaches her to talk. After their initial talk, it becomes a habit of theirs to drink together. Whenever they meet by chance at their usual bar, they drink and eat together. Like in any romance, they gradually start to have feelings for one another… Continue reading