White Noise Review

delilloWhite Noise byDon DeLillo
Published by Penguin Classics
Format: Paperback
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White Noise is the first novel that I read from Don DeLillo. Throughout my reading, I had mixed feelings about this novel. Although DeLillo is among the highly prestigious writers and his works have very often got positive reviews, this novel initially gave me the impression that it had hardly any consistent story line. I was reading through the pages, but it seemed that DeLillo was just attacking consumerism through sarcastically elaborate exchanges between his characters, particularly Hitler lecturer Jack Gladney, his son Heinrich and his colleague called Murray. Indeed, despite the witty and humorous dialogues of his characters, this was my impression till I reached the second part of the novel in which Hitler lecturer and his family experience a toxic gas event in their city. Together with the toxic gas event, the major problem between Jack Gladney and his wife Babette, while being disclosed to the readers, the story finally gains a certain momentum. Gladney learns that his wife has been secretly taking some pills for some time. Neither these pills are being sold in any drugstore nor any information concerning the pills is publicly available. In order to find out the mystery behind the pills, Hitler lecturer Gladney has them checked by a colleague. Yet, his colleague at the university cannot tell him much apart from their ingredients. Not so satisfied, Gladney asks it to his wife, who has before avoided the topic. He finally manages to learn that his wife has an extreme case of a fear of death and she has been desperately looking for medicine that can suppress this great fear. Continue reading