Review Policy

Hi everyone and welcome to the Strange Library!

I was inspired by Murakami Haruki’s last short novel titled The Strange Library while finding a name for this blog. To show all due respect, my first review will be of course written on it. Also, I am hoping to review all Murakami works as a loyal reader and researcher on his works 🙂 Yet, unfortunately I’ve got my hands full these days as I’m working on an important essay. As soon as I’m done with it, I’ll start with my reviews here.

Apart from Murakami reviews, I’ll try to write on other contemporary authors. Among them, of course there is this year’s Nobel Prize winner Patrick Mondiano 😉 I’m also fond of David Mitchell’s works and want to write about his works, too.

Coming from Turkey, I’m not gonna skip our most controversial but also Nobel Prize winner writer, Orhan Pamuk 😉

These names are just few examples coming to my mind and it is just to give a rough idea on what kind of works I’ll be reviewing.  I’ll try to review as many names as possible, but in all honesty I will not be reviewing for commercial purposes, so I am not interested in getting offers from authors to review their works. This blog is, first and foremost, for my own research and to exchange ideas on the works that I’m interested in.

In my reviews, I’ll try to be as insightful as possible and hope to say more than clichés such as “mesmerizing” and “breathtaking”.

But of course if you say, “Hey! I have recently read a great book”, don’t hesitate to share it! 🙂

Happy Readings!


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