About Me

Hiya! I’m the strange librarian girl, Burcu  (ブルジュ). Living and studying in Tokyo more than a year now, I could not help writing my name in katakana. It turned into a habit, but at the same time people get a better sense of its pronunciation if they are familiar with the sound system 🙂 This seemingly weird and difficult to pronounce name comes from Turkey. At present, I’m a PhD student in the department of Comparative Literature and Culture at the University of Tokyo. I’m both an avid reader and researcher. In this blog, I am hoping to review books as well as share pieces from my academic research (whenever I can). My research is about Murakami Haruki in relation to consumer culture and identity construction, so I would be particularly happy to hear your ideas about his works, but of course any comment on any work is also welcomed! :))


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