Good News Vol.2 :)

Good News Vol.2 🙂

It has been only couple of days since I shared the news with you regarding the offer of publication I received. Today, this great news is followed by yet another one. I passed level N3 (intermediate) in Japanese proficiency exam. It is just intermediate level, but I still feel like it is a great achievement for me as Japanese is the most challenging language I have ever studied and it has mostly been through self-study. I am so happy that I could not help sharing it with you! 🙂 Now, I am really motivated to progress with this language further. N2, bring it on! 😛


2 thoughts on “Good News Vol.2 :)

  1. Pistachios says:

    Well done! Congrats for this and the publication offer! or I suppose I should say おめでとう or something (?) (I studied a bit of Japanese in high school but that was a long, long time ago…)


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